Research shows that there are many benefits to initiating physical therapy care within 96 hours after you are in a motor vehicle accident.

Car accidents can be stressful enough, but injuries that can occur can be stressful, burdensome and painful. Pain from those injuries can interfere with your everyday life, and progress over time, which is why its important to begin care as soon as possible. While evaluating care options, you may wonder what type of care is best for you and your pain level, along with what will yield permanent relief in the long run.  Research shows that initiating physical therapy within 96 hours after a car accident can provide many benefits.

Why Choose Physical Therapy When You’ve Been in a Car Accident?

At Pura Vida Therapy, our team always perform a thorough examination of your injuries to determine the best course of action to provide the most beneficial pain relief. They gather information about your medical history, the type and severity of the accident, and other types of treatment you are receiving due to your accident. This will best help our physical therapists to determine what treatments, exercises, and modalities will be most helpful with your healing.

  • Acute treatment may include manual therapies (which may include manipulations, strain-counterstrain, or other hands-on techniques), light pumping exercises, and/or microcurrent.
  • Long term treatment may include manual therapies and/or specific strengthening exercises to decrease long term discomfort.
  • Studies have shown that physical therapy is effective in treating whiplash injuries because it prescribes active treatment which includes physical therapy evaluation, posture control, neck rotation and pumping exercises, strengthening exercises, and other treatments depending on the needs of the patient.  Again, for best treatment results, active care ideally begins within 96 hours of the accident.
  • Whether your injuries are joint, muscle, neurological, whiplash or vestibular-ocular we are prepared to treat you quickly and efficiently.

Experience You Can Rely On When It Comes to Car Accident Treatment

Our physical therapists have on average more than twenty years clinical experience with a wide range of continuing education. We have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash and other auto injuries and are confident we will have you feeling better as soon as possible.

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