Pura Vida Physical Therapy recognizes that open, honest communication among the members of your health care team (you, your therapist, your health care provider, etc.) is essential to making your rehabilitation experience a success. As a result, the physical therapist will send your health care provider a complete written report that includes the findings of the initial evaluation, the assessment of the injury, and a detailed description of the treatment plan.

The physical therapist will continue to update your health care provider with written progress reports each time you are re-evaluated and before each follow-up appointment (so it’s important to let your therapist know if you have an upcoming appointment with your health care provider).

Additionally, the therapist will not hesitate to contact your provider by phone if he/she has a specific concern or question. At the end of your treatment, the physical therapist will send a final report to your health care provider with information regarding your status at the time of discharge from physical therapy.

Pura Vida Therapy makes every attempt to provide the highest quality service. In doing so, we aim to keep costs down. We are an in-network provider for most insurance companies in the Kansas City area. The client is required to pay the deductible and co-insurance at each visit. We will file the insurance claim for you.

Physical Therapy is a medical specialty focusing on restoring your body back to pre-injury status. Our therapists are specialists in evaluating and treating musculo-skeletal problems. We provide a thorough evaluation to determine your specific problem and then design a program to help you recover quickly and completely. We can help you feel better and improve your quality of life.

Physical Therapists (PTs) are health care professionals who diagnose and treat people of all ages who have medical problems or other health-related conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. PTs also help prevent conditions associated with loss of mobility through fitness and wellness programs that achieve healthy and active lifestyles.

We recommend that you bring gym type clothing such as shorts, T-shirt, sweats, and tennis/workout shoes. Depending on your type of injury, this type of clothing will allow for more comfort if you are exercising or if your therapist needs to access certain areas of your body such as your lower back or knee.

PTs perform a variety of interventions, including manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic exercise. Modalities, including ultrasound and electric stimulation may also be used as an adjunct to manual therapy and muscle re-education.

At Pura Vida Therapy, each patient receives thirty minutes to one hour of uninterrupted treatment at each visit. All treatments are performed by a licensed Physical Therapist or Physical Therapy Assistant; we do not employ unlicensed assistants, aides or technicians. Exercises are supervised, to ensure the correct technique. Each patient is also instructed in a home exercise program, to complement what is performed in the clinic, as well as instruction in proper posture, body mechanics, work station set-up and ergonomics.

Pura Vida Physical Therapy well-trained, professional staff leads with a forward-thinking Patients First philosophy that is applied to all aspects of our operations. This way of practice demonstrates the commitment from our dedicated caregiver to the people they work for

Our clinics typically complete a session in 30-60 minutes. The duration of each visit is determined by many factors including, injury severity, treatments required, fatigue, and any time constraints a patient may have.

Just give us a call.  However, you could consult with your primary health care provider, if you so choose. This provider may also suggest a specific rehabilitation company or provide you with a list of physical therapists in your area. In some cases, your insurance company will guide you to the “in network” providers that are included in your insurance plan. However, the final decision as to where you receive rehabilitation care is up to you.

Be sure to let your health care provider or insurance company know that Pura Vida Therapy is your first choice when it comes to rehabilitation. We participate in most insurance plans; however, if Pura Vida Therapy is not in your network, look into whether your plan has out-of-network benefits that will allow you to receive our first-rate services with some level of benefit. We appreciate your interest in Pura Vida, and we’d love to work with you on your return to an active lifestyle.

Physical therapy is valuable in the treatment of many diagnoses, so it’s always a good idea to ask your health care provider to prescribe physical therapy before other methods such as prescription medication. If you are unsure whether or not physical therapy can help you, contact one of our locations for a consultation.

Our most common question. Our therapist is excellent in performing techniques that help you recover quickly but are also pain free. There are times when discomfort and soreness may occur but your therapist will communicate with you prior to any of these activities to explain why the procedure is necessary. You can be assured we will do everything possible to make your rehabilitation as comfortable as possible.

Kansas state law allows the patient to receive a physical therapy examination without a referral from a doctor. However, Medicare and a few insurances require a Medical Doctors authorization.

No. We accept cash, check, and money orders. Our goal is to help you recover from your injury, we will be as flexible as possible financially to help make this possible.

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